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with predictable systems in place


Carla Carter

As the owner of a small business for over 20 years, I've accumulated quite a lot of experience in the 'back office' tasks that keep it humming. Over time, I discovered that systematizing those tasks made it easier to train new hires, offered more consistency in interpreting policies and made the workday, in general, run smoothly. If a 'magic bullet' exists for the success of a small business, it lies in systems.

Create and manage systems for cash-handling, new hire on-boarding, customer care and communications, training, scheduling, sorting incoming emails and all the other things you do regularly.  

I'll help you develop and fine-tune the systems your business needs!

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You will:

✔ Enjoy time off knowing your team can pick up where you left off
✔ Have new-hires hit the ground running with written plans in place
✔ See increased profits as your marketing efforts become more consistent
✔ Know that your business can run uninterrupted no matter who calls out sick, quits or earns a promotion
✔ Free up time for business development, planning, budgeting and connecting with your team
✔ Eliminate the 'by-the-seat-of-your-pants' business plan
✔ Respond to emergencies and inspiration on the spot using your pre-planned systems

✔ Increase your business's resale value with 'turn-key' capability.

✔ Relax with new-found confidence

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